Saturday, March 7, 2009

pinstripin fool

So I picked up pinstriping a couple of years ago, because I had always talked about it since I was kid. I thought better late than never. I never really took it seriously. It was just to get my mind
off the tasks at hand. I loved it and couldn't get enough of it. Buying books, mags, downloading and uploading pictures. Before I had my daughter I was stripin in the basement on a Honda

hood that my buddy lent me for forever. By the time he wanted it back, there was barely any paint left on it. Now I stripe in the garage on what ever I can put the brush on....big or small... and receive a lot of support from my wife. There are some long nights out there. Recently I haven't been stripin' because it has been frickin' cold and you can get pretty high between the torpedo heater and the mineral spirits.
Its been a long winter in Detroit and I've been itchin to get out there to lay down some licks.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Well, I bought this car with the intent to build a period correct mild custom. It is a 1954 Ford 2-door Customline. All the pieces lie there before me, nothing missing. I drove by this car for four years waiting to see if it had moved an inch forward or backward. Nothing. So I built up some courage, walked up the steps knocked on the door and asked the gentleman if he was willing to part with his ride. This guy comes right out of the gate with a bombardment of questions..."do you even know what your lookin at kid?"...etc...etc... Well, the bigger you are harder you fall is my motto. I filled that ol' timers ear up with so information, you woulda thought I engineered the fuckin car, so he backed off.
Finally I ask the guy "DOES IT RUN?" cause you never know....he might be drivin the car when I'm not lookin. NO it didn"t run. I went to my truck, snatched up some tools, popped the hood and turned the crank. Cool. "So what do you think its worth there kid?" On a sunny day with the wind on my back? $2,000. But luck was on my side and the car gods were smilin at this swindlin pollack, it was cloudy that day so I say $1800. SOLD.

I go home, which was only a couple of blocks away, and my brand new wife was awaiting my arrival for some interesting news about the car. I come walkin in grinning from ear to ear. She gives me the cash (which by the way was part of a downpayment for a house). Now that's some love. I call my buddy with tow strap in hand and go back to get my purchase. The next day I bought a 6-volt battery points, condenser, plugs and fuses and get to work. Hour and a half later the beginning of blood, sweat and $$. I promised myself I wouldn't cry because I don't cry.
She fired right up with the persuasive bottle of ether and a couple of random sexy words. My father taught me a neat little trick when setting the dwell on your carb with a cup of coffee. That worked as well.

I'm up and running and a bit leery to take it for a drive....who even knows when the car ran last? Bled the brakes topped off the fluids. Hopped back in the car and she turned right over. There were a couple of sputters, nothin major, even the fuckin am radio worked half-assed but nonetheless, it worked. I called my wife out and told her to follow me... I'm goin for a drive.
The suspension was shot, electrical was shoddy and the clutch was 90% gone. Well worth $1800
on a sunny day but who's countin?

Here I am... 3 years later... a mortgage payment, one 2 year old daughter and absolutely no money to spare. The 239 Y-block has been pulled and a gasket set has been purchased. project is on its way.